Learn to Fly!

Learn to Fly!

trainerThe Flagstaff Flyers are eager and willing to teach anyone how to fly. We have experienced trainers available to help from your first flight until you solo. With our ‘buddy’ system we are able to teach you how to take off, control the plane in flight, and land. If at any time the instructor feels that you are not in control of the aircraft, he has the ability to take over control of the plane which will probably avoid a crash.

Interested in trying first? The club maintains a trainer plane and one of our instructors will buddy you up for a one time fight lasting as much as 10 minutes. This lets you get a feel for the fun and excitement of R/C flying.

You will also find the Club helpful in getting started in the hobby by assisting you in choosing an appropriate first plane and associated equipment to get in the air, as well as making all that equipment work together.

Monthly Meetings

We hold our meetings on the 2nd Thursday of the month. The current meeting location is at the Butler Avenue Subway Restaurant Meeting's begin at 6:30pm. The meetings consist of general business usually followed by a Show and Tell. Visitor’s are always welcome!

Where We Fly

Our flying field is located off Leupp Road, at MP 433, approximately 15 miles NE from the Flagstaff Mall. Latitude is 35º 15.772’N, longitude is 111º 23.746’W, Elevation is 6108’ Directions (Map Quest)...

filed map

How To Become a Member

Flagstaff Flyers membership is open to anyone interested in model radio control aircraft. Yearly dues for Adults, 19 years of age and older, is $40. Dues for Juniors, individuals under 19 years of age, is $20. Download a Membership application. Please note: Flagstaff Flyers is an AMA sanctioned club. Current membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics is required.

Contact the Flagstaff Flyers

For more information about the Flagstaff Flyers, contact: president@flagstaffflyers.com.


The purpose of the Flagstaff Flyers is to create an interest in; further the image of; and promote the hobby of miniature Radio Control Aircraft. Flagstaff Flyers, charter member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)


Flagstaff Flyers Radio Control Airplane Club • PO Box 31251 • Flagstaff, Arizona  86003

Charter member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and District X, Charter Number 2456

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