About the Flagstaff Flyers R/C Airplane Club

Want to learn to fly radio controlled aircraft? We can help.

We’re the Flagstaff Flyers, a group of local radio control aircraft enthusiasts who, as well as enjoying our hobby, have chartered ourselves to offer our assistance to people wishing to get started in flying RC models. Within our club there are thousands of hours of experience in all aspects of RC building and flying. That experience can be put to work taking the risk out of you learning to fly.

We have a secure 7 acre flying site out off Leupp Road about 5 miles north of Townsend-Winona Road at Latitude 35 degrees 15’ 46.5” N by 111 degrees 23’ 45.00” W. Our site has a 900’ sod and clay runway with armadas, 4’x8’ setup benches, picnic tables, porta-john and a large parking lot. Our special use permit with the Forestry Service allows up to 4 continuous days of camping out there and our members are free to take advantage of that privilege at their convenience, setting up their camp and just flying nonstop day and night. On both sides of our storage building are charge benches with power bars that are connected to our charging station, a solar powered system with two enormous deep cycle batteries, used for recharging electric powered aircraft. The area is accessed through a locked gate for which each member is given the combination so as to be able to use the facility at their leisure, ANYTIME, day or night. Our club and all of our members are also members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. This provides 6 million dollars liability insurance to each member as well as all the other benefits of belonging to the AMA. Both nitro and electric planes are welcome.

But of even greater importance to people considering our hobby, we have two club trainers and would be happy to give you a test flight on one of them as our guest. To assure your success, we use a “Buddy Box” arrangement where two transmitters are connected by a trainer cord such that the instructor can turn over control of the aircraft to you with the flip of a switch and regain control instantly during the training session as needed. While we provide this experience to help potential flyers experience the delight of flying RC aircraft, be warned. It is difficult to walk away from this hobby once you’ve experienced the flying field and the fun of controlling an RC aircraft. Then, if you decide to launch yourself into this hobby, we can help with that as well.

• We can assist you in selecting an appropriate model aircraft and radio equipment based on your interests, keeping in mind that its primary purpose is as your first aircraft. As well, there is a strong possibility used equipment is available from other members of the club which can help keep costs down if you are on a budget.
• We can inspect your new plane and radio, once you’re ready, to assure it is set up properly and safely.
• Most importantly, we can again “Buddy Box” you through your learning phase thereby practically eliminating loss of aircraft. We have spare transmitters for this purpose. Normally, you find yourself aligned with one of a number of experienced RC pilots in the club who will stay with you throughout the process.
• Or, we can help you select a “Simulator” if you prefer that approach to learning to fly RC.

These benefits of club membership versus the “buy it and maybe fly it” approach to learning to fly assures you will learn comfortably, with the minimum of equipment loss due to crashes and breakage, and have a deeper understanding of the principles involved, really a prerequisite to moving to more advanced aircraft. As well, being in a club offers comradery, a superb and safe flying site and the benefit of people who can answer your questions and help you advance.

To get started, go to our website https://www.flagstaffflyers.com/ and drop us a note, or contact Flagstaff Hobbies.